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Rude Boy Magazine Announces Partnership with Rude Boy Clothing Brand Sponsoring Music Artists Around the World

Rude Boy Magazine

(Los Angeles, CA) Rude Boy Magazine, a west coast based music and lifestyle magazine founded by Jamie Pitt has recently announced an exclusive partnership with the original Rude Boy Clothing Brand based in the UK and United States. The recent partnership now allows new artists and musicians to be potentially sponsored and by the popular Rude Boy clothing line. The company will be offering exclusive sponsorships to select artists world wide.

Rude Boy Clothing Brand is an original clothing company built by Jimmy Li focusing on the urban lifestyle of the original rude boy urban lifestyle. The company has a strong foundation based on the old Jamaican term with a twist of modern design. The company promotes high achievement, motivation and accomplishment within the music and urban community, typically within the youth and younger generation.

“We are very happy to be able to connect with artists and musicians from all over the world. With our partnership with Rude Boy Magazine, we can open a budget to sponsor multiple artists every year, who will represent the Rude Boy Brand around the world. In return we can promote them and support the movements of our artists. We are blessed to support real talent and skills.” – Jimmy Li (CEO / Rude Boy Clothing Brand)

The original Rude Boy Clothing Brand will also be working with Rude Boy Magazine in sponsorship opportunities for artists in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Brazil and Canada. With the recent launch of Rude Boy Clothing Brand UK, the company hopes to successfully brand successful artists and support real urban talent across these nations.

“I feel like the hip hop music scene is not using it’s potential. We have great music artists with no recognition, and mediocre sounds that are popular. We want to turn that around and support the underdog at Rude Boy Magazine, as well as credit the more popular artists that we feel are worth listening to. This is our philosphy.” – Jamie Pitt (Founder / Rude Boy Magazine)

Artists are able to submit their materials directly on, in which from there, a Rude Boy Clothing Brand ambassador from the publication can request music to promote, and ultimately help them reach a sponsorship deal from the clothing company directly.

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  1. Ish Carnell April 8, 2016 Reply

    I’m a r&b/hip hop artist from ky. I work hard and have my own style and looking for a place where my style and music an breath and grow into something huge. I have what it takes and the world hasn’t ever heard what I could offer.

  2. Timothy Watson July 21, 2016 Reply

    Hey, I’m a true Hip Hop Artis from Greensboro nc. I go by the name T Live I have a indy record lable called W.A.S Ent (We All Stars entertainment ).

  3. codyblueblack February 3, 2017 Reply

    im interested

  4. Billionaire benjie February 4, 2018 Reply

    I’m an artist looking to get signed by rudeboy

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