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Artist Sponsorship Rules & Regulations

Last update: February 15, 2016

Sponsored artists are music and art talents that the company endorses in an avid commitment to provide artist awareness in small and large communities around the world. Sponsored artists are provided clothing endorsements from Rude Boy Clothing in conjunction for the artists music works, performances and/or video/photo engagements. Sponsored artists are not contacted to a certain number of mentions, nor are they required to wear the brand. However we encourage the artists to support the brand to build a better reputation for their music promotions.

  • Sponsored artists must be prior published on RBL Magazine, our partnered publication for documentation records and approved/signed by an official media director (only by a media director, not an employee of any sort) that is authorized for music artist engagement with Rude Boy Clothing Brand as well as RBL Magazine.
  • For authorized media director listings, please contact us under RBL Magazine.
  • Sponsored artists are allowed to request merchandise and order directly only with their sponsorship code. Merchandise is free for the sponsored artists. They are only liable for applicable tax and shipping charges based on a world wide shipping system.
  • There are no item limitations and order fulfillment, however sponsored artists are only allowed to order merchandise that is currently in stock for the general public.
  • Sponsored artists are only allowed to resell in their immediate circle. Due to large request of friend and family benefits, we made it open for artists to buy and resell easily, but only for friend and family.
  • Public release, tampering or infringement of the sponsorship code will result to immediate termination of the artist. To reissue a terminated sponsorship requires a full board approval upon a manditory three month suspension. Reissued sponsorships are only valid for certified non threat situations towards the company. Once a sponsorship is officially terminated, reissues are no longer valid. The company keeps extremely strict rules to artist sponsorships.

For any questions or concerns about your sponsorship, please contact your media director or send any information / requests to: